Candidate Recruitment Form - The Harvard Medical School's Polish Clinical Scholars Research Training program


  1. Remember that the form must be completed in ENGLISH.
  2. Provide up-to-date contact details that will allow us to contact you. Avoid giving details to the secretariat or registration office - in such a situation we may have a problem with contacting you.
  3. When filling out the form, do not use semicolons (;) if you want to include more information in the form, use commas (,).
  4. If you copy/paste information from another document, check that everything has been copy/paste correctly.


Formularz rekrutacyjny HMS Basic Information
Contact information
Professional Career
The name of the University or Institution you graduated from.
Scientific degree held e.g. Doctor (PhD), Assistant Professor, Professor
The title you received after graduating from the university e.g. MD (lekarz), PharmD (magister farmacji), Master of biotechnology (magister biotechnologii)
Your position at your current employer e.g. Head of the Cardiology Department, Diagnostician in the Genetic Laboratory, Lecturer in the Oncology Department
Describe your professional experience - present your professional achievements, indicate where you were employed. You have maximum 3000 characters.
Scientific achievements
Describe your scientific experience - indicate what research areas are among your interests. You have maximum 3000 characters.
Choose and submit up to a 5 of your most influential publications. Attach the full list of publications in the further part of the form.
You can summarize your candidacy here. You have 1000 characters.
Attachments Verification
I declare that I am not a citizen of the United States of America and I am not covered by any educational programs run by the United States government. * Wymagane pole
I have read the content of the information clause regarding the processing of personal data. * Wymagane pole

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