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Medical Research Agency year-end summary - support for academic research

In 2020, the Medical Research Agency has announced 4 competitions dedicated to:

1. Non-commercial Clinical Trials (NBK) - conducted in three rounds,

2. Support for the establishment and development of Clinical Trials Support Centers (CSCs),

3. Development of Polish adoptive therapy (CAR/CAR-T) using genetically modified immunocompetent cells and

4. Countering the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 267 applications were submitted to MRA under the above competitions. The average time for their evaluation was 3. 5 months. The application process benefited from the database of Domain Experts maintained by MRA of which there are currently 260.

In 2020, MRA concluded 81 agreements with Beneficiaries for the total amount of PLN 885 057 518. 44. Within this amount, financing was granted to, inter alia for 17 projects in cardiology, 16 in oncology, 10 in pediatrics, 6 in hematology, 10 to support Clinical Research Centers.

Support for academic research

The Agency until December 2020 signed 44 agreements with medical universities, which became Beneficiaries of ABM competitions. The agreements were concluded for the total amount of PLN 522,731,897. 18.

The Medical University of Gdańsk applied most often for ABM funding, submitting as many as 24 applications for the total amount of PLN 558 682 422. 39. Often, the Medical University of Warsaw has also applied. Piastów Śląskich in Wrocław (14 applications submitted) and Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin (13 applications submitted).

As a result of competition procedures, the greatest number of applications which were granted co-financing can be proud of the Medical University of Warsaw (11 agreements signed for the total amount of PLN 126 729 475. 80) and the Medical University of Gdańsk (8 agreements signed for the total amount of PLN 114 986 356. 07).

The largest number of agreements with medical universities was concluded within the framework of the competition Non-commercial Clinical Research (NBK) 2019, where 22 medical universities became Beneficiaries (total grant amount 372 050 139. 75 PLN). In second place in terms of the number of agreements concluded is a competition dedicated to combating the COVID-19 pandemic, under which 11 medical universities signed a grant agreement with ABM (total amount of funding 27 064 189. 14 PLN). 


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