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2021-12-07, 23:16

Polish Clinical Trials Network expands to include new clinical trials centers

The Medical Research Agency has allocated over PLN 54 million for the creation of further specialised Clinical Research Support Centres (CCRCs), which will join the Polish Clinical Research Network. In 2020, 10 centers received funding under the first competition.

The initiative to establish Clinical Trials Support Centres aims to make the clinical trials market in Poland more attractive, which will contribute to increasing the chances of patients to access modern, innovative therapies, more frequent selection of research centres in our country by sponsors, as well as an increase in the number of conducted trials. The new Centers will allow for better coordination of clinical trials in Poland.

54 million for the creation of another six Clinical Trials Support Centres in the Polish Clinical Trials Network

Within the framework of the competition concerning the creation and development of Clinical Research Support Centres, the Medical Research Agency received 8 applications for the total amount of over 72 million PLN. Among the beneficiaries selected in the current competition, there were 6 entities:

  • Medical University of Lublin,
  • Silesian Medical University in Katowice,
  • Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw,
  • 4th Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław
  • Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin
  • University of Opole in Opole.

The selected units have an excellent staff of professors, have a huge volume of patients and treat often extremely difficult cases.

National Oncology Network

The competition was planned taking into account the provisions of the National Oncology Strategy. This is especially true for early phase (I and II) clinical trials. One of the expected results of the implementation of this area is the establishment of at least 4 Clinical Trials Support Centres  by 2024 and increasing the number of CWBKs to 8 by 2029. The strategy assumes that by 2023. The agency will support the development of Clinical Trials Support Centres at selected university academic and cancer centers as part of the National Cancer Network.

In accordance with the expected outcome, the following projects received co-financing in this competition
6 entities, including 3 Applicants planning and having adequate human resources
and infrastructure to establish or upgrade an early stage centre i. e:

  • Medical University of Lublin,
  • Silesian Medical University in Katowice,
  • Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw,
  • Comprehensive support for Polish centres conducting clinical trials

The grantee institutions will establish the CWBK as a shared services center, providing comprehensive and systemic support for the implementation of both commercial and non-commercial research. This support will include, but not be limited to: planning, management, billing, or coordination of research. CWBK's infrastructure will primarily include an area to accommodate outpatient patient visits, a patient relaxation area, a teleconference room and work rooms for Sponsor representatives.

Polish Clinical Trials Network uniformity, standardization, networking

Beneficiaries of this competition will belong to the group of entities operating within the Polish Clinical Trials Network established by the Medical Research Agency.

The Polish Clinical Trials Network aims to ensure a uniform standard of trials, high quality patient service and an increase in the number of commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. The addition of the new six CWBKs to the network will allow for the creation of standardized centers that will not be inferior to similar structures in Western Europe. They will become flagship institutions in health care conducting research of the highest standard, with concern for the safety of research participants. Clinical trials in Poland will thus be conducted in a way that is friendly to the sponsor, the hospital and the patient.

The first investments in the facilities that received the ABM grant are planned for later this year.