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The aim and main assumptions

In Poland, apart of supporting the development of professional Clinical Trials Support Centers (CTSC), there is a need to create a network within would be possible to cooperate between the centers that create a network, consisting in the efficient exchange of information, experiences, development of IT tools dedicated to clinical trials, procedures and documents and management of studies.

The purpose of establishing the Polish Clinical Trials Network (PCTN) is to implement uniform systemic quality and process solutions in all clinical trials centers in Poland. The implementation of the above solutions will have a direct impact on strengthening Poland's position in the field of clinical trials, increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the national infrastructure and its ability to support high-quality research, and consequently, will result in more effective development of cooperation at the international level.

Main assumptions:

  • developing a common quality standard
  • standardization of operational processes in the field of commercial clinical trials, effective implementation of non-commercial clinical trials, as well as early phase research with more efficient service
  • the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, common solve problems of centers and improve national cooperation between centers in the network, which will significantly affect the process of effective recruitment on a national scale and improve the feasibility process
  • activities aimed at educating clinical trial staff and improving the qualifications of the personnel participating in a clinical trial
  • unifying the rules for conducting of research, contracting, valuation or settlements, in the long term will contribute to the optimization of costs in the field of reimbursement and drug policy in the health care system


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