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2021-12-07, 22:01

Clinical Research Development Centre

The aim of the Clinical Research Development Centre (CRDC) is to initiate and support activities that contribute to remove the barriers in clinical research development in Poland and, at the same time, to use fully the potential of our country and stimulate further development of trials that are the key element of development of modern medicine.

An increase in the number of trials is an opportunity for the patients, who are the main focus of CRDC, to have a better access to modern and innovative therapies.

The Clinical Research Development Centre, since the launch of its operations, has been analysing and defining the scope and direction of changes that would lead do optimisation of the clinical research market in Poland and, first of all, it has been undertaking a number of initiatives that support clinical research development.

On of the priorities of CRDC is developing non-commercial clinical trials that now account for only 2.5% of the trials registered in Poland. One of the causes of such a situation is insufficient knowledge on planning, organisation, registration and implementation of trials of this type.

Therefore, CRDC, in the course of its educational activities, has undertaken numerous steps aiming at expanding the knowledge and, at the same time, competences of doctors in the area of non-commercial research. Seminars, prepared and held by the Centre or the website, where doctors may find a lot of useful information on non-commercial research, are examples of such activities.

CRDC also raises funds for its educational activities. As a part of the PO WER programme, the Clinical Research Development Centre will work on the implementation of the project called "Academy of Clinical Research - developing competence of research teams in healthcare entities providing hospital services and of doctors employed in primary healthcare facilities". In practice it means that the research team members may take part in free post-graduate studies, seminars and trainings.

The Centre's educational activities are addressed not only to doctors or research teams, but also to patients. Therefore, CRDC, in cooperation with its partners and the clinical research market participants, has created the following website:, whose goal is to present the results of clinical research together with the most important information that would help patients and their families to decide on participation in a given clinical trial.

CRDC also develops international cooperation in the scope of joint projects. Establishing contact with the representatives of National Institutes of Health (NIH) resulted in commencement of CRDC's works on organising an exceptional event in Poland, namely, on a 5-day course on non-commercial research. Talks initiated with representatives of the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN), has resulted in Poland joining the network in the role of an observer.

The CRDC's important projects include development of Clinical Research Support Centres that will function in shared services model, ensuring complex and systemic support for implementation of both commercial and non-commercial research